Life Beyond Birth 101 ~ Next course starts May 4, 2020

This 9-Week Group Course is meant to be taken while you are pregnant. After finishing, you'll be able to:

  • Feed, soothe, care for, and bond with your new baby

  • Know how to use nutrition for recovery from birth and breastmilk production

  • Create a community of support – it takes a village!

  • Recognize postpartum mood disorders, and how to avoid them

  • Understand the ways that relationships change when a baby is born

  • Conquer common breastfeeding challenges

  • Prepare in body, mind, and spirit for birthing your baby and motherself

  • Create a plan for sleep, so that you never run on empty

  • Bond more deeply with your partner as you become parents

9 weeks to Postpartum Empowerment!

Each week includes:

1. A weekly lesson to do individually or as a couple 2. A live call with Molly and a small group of other expectant families
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Pre-enrollment Gifts

When you enroll in Life Beyond Birth 101 before April 20, 2020, you'll receive the following awesome bonuses:

  • Private Coaching Call with Molly - $80 value

    Once you are registered, you'll receive the gift of a 45 minute conversation with Molly! You can use it while you're pregnant or after baby arrives. You'll be able to discuss what you are learning, as well as get her suggestions and insights into your unique challenges and successes as you're going through them.

  • 1 Birth Story Healing Session - $125 value

    To be used anytime in the year after birth. Sit with your story and discover what it has to teach you. This guided process will bring peace, empowerment, and connection to you and those close to you. It will allow you to integrate your experience of the birth journey, and release emotions that may be distracting you from your present life. Schedule and get more info here:

Your Investment in YOUR Life Beyond Birth

Choose From: 1 payment of $797, or 3 monthly payments of $275

You could read a book or do take a 2-hour class that covers the basics of infant care, but we all know we learn best when we are in relationship - with ourselves, our partners and our peers. This course is uniquely situated to meet those needs and prepare you for a calm, confident, connected beginning of your baby's life. The postpartum period is so hidden, and it is time for us to honor the HUGE transition to parenthood, the recovery and reinvention process that follows birth, and the intuitive and respectful ways newborns ask us to relate with them. I am honored to be your guide in this new adventure!
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Your Instructor

Postpartum Doula, New Parent Guide, Private Chef, Mother

  • Molly R

    Owner/Founder, Life Beyond Birth

    Molly R

    I am on a mission to change the world into one where every baby is born to calm, confident, connected parents. So many societal ills stem from unmet needs during our first years. If parents are well supported, babies are too, and our society will become more empathetic, loving, and connected. I have been supporting families in their homes since 2009 and teaching classes to expectant and new parents since 2016. I hold a BA in Latin American Studies (2001); an MAA in Applied Anthropology (2005); and became certified as a Postpartum Doula through DONA International (2009). I live in the mountains of North Carolina with my husband and 2 children.

What clients and students are saying:

by Natalie D., PA


by Natalie D., PA

Becoming a mom is much harder than I expected. It is exhausting, exhilarating, amazing, and isolating. Even though I have an amazing husband, it was nice to be supported by another woman who had been through this transformation herself. Molly is so non-judgmental and has helped so many women after birth that I knew she had seen it all! I learned lots of practical things such as babywearing tricks, and that we don’t always need to quiet a crying baby because that is their way of communicating. Having a baby is the time you need the most help ever. If you are a strong, independent woman, it is hard to admit how hard this is and to ask for help. So setting up help ahead of time makes it easier to accept. I don't think I can put a price on the sanity Molly gave me.
Andrea P., MD

Gentle Support

Andrea P., MD

I am so thankful for the gentle support that Molly provided after the birth of our daughter. Those first days were more exhausting than I could have imagined. It was overwhelming to think about caring for and feeding our daughter, let alone myself or husband. Molly helped us through those difficult days with encouragement and multiple layers of practical assistance. In a few short hours, Molly would fill our fridge with several different healthful and delicious meals, all while wearing our babe, allowing me to get a few blocks of much needed rest. An experienced mom, she provided counsel about care of an infant and was able to anticipate our needs. Molly is incredibly efficient, talented, and importantly, kind. Those first weeks of motherhood are magical and they pass so quickly.
Kelly S., PhD

Feeling Empowered!

Kelly S., PhD

About two months after my daughter's birth I felt the need to process the experience more in depth, hoping that would help me to integrate the story into my life in a way that was no longer so heavy. I found Molly’s presence during the Birth Story Healing session to be very warm, welcoming, and without any judgement. The questions she posed during the session allowed me the space to explore my birth story, setting aside the elevator speech I had come up with when sharing my experience with those who inquired. With Molly, I was able to explore the feelings that I felt both during and after my daughter's birth. I walked away from the session feeling empowered. For those struggling with processing the birth of their child/children, I would highly recommend working with Molly through Birth Story Healing - it was such an integral part of my healing process.
Daniel F. PhD

Recommended without Reservation!

Daniel F. PhD

Our family worked consistently with Molly for the first nine months after our daughter's arrival and her support made a world of difference. She was really flexible and responsive in terms of support (e.g., cooking, helping with the baby, giving support/advice, helping with grocery shopping). We came to really rely on her through the trenches of early months of tending to our first child, including when one of us had to travel for work - she was there with steadiness and positivity. Also, she's a really great cook. We really loved a few recipes in particular and she was willing to keep making those, which was awesome. I just know that I always felt tangible relief when I knew Molly was coming over. I recommend her services without reservation. She's kind, skillful, positive, reliable, and deserves twice whatever she's getting paid for the awesome post-partum doula services!

Upcoming Course Start Dates

May 4, 2020 (Monday Group Calls), August 24, 2020 (Monday Group Calls), October 2020 (TBA)