I made this list just for you, mama!

  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of gear for babies and new parents?

  • Do you endeavor to live mindfully & simply without tons of material goods?

  • Are you annoyed at the slick marketing shouting that you NEED it all?

  • Are you unsure where to start/ what is most important in preparing for your baby's arrival?

  • Do you feel unsure about taking care of a newborn?

  • Are you are getting tons of advice or hand-me-downs from well-meaning friends, family, and neighbors and you're not sure what to keep, or listen to?

This FREE download is what you need as you prepare to welcome your beloved bundle of joy earthside!

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What Readers Are Saying

by Julia

Molly has our backs!

by Julia

Getting ready for our new baby has been exciting but also overwhelming at times. There is so much advice out there and so many products to choose from. We really don't want a cluttered house to deal with at the same time as a new baby. We downloaded Molly's "10 Things You Actually Need" PDF so we have the basics covered. She deals specifically with the postpartum period so we know she has our backs. The download is super easy and now we can focus on the birth!

Feeling Calm and Confident!


I am so grateful to Molly for sharing her wisdom in 10 Things You Actually Need for Your Baby! There are so many baby products to choose from that it can be incredibly overwhelming. I feel more calm and confident now in what our family needs for a peaceful (and practical!) welcoming of our new baby....and the bonus of 10 Things to Support Parents in Life Beyond Birth is wonderful! Anyone who is expecting their first baby will benefit immensely.

written by

  • Molly R

    Owner/Founder, Life Beyond Birth

    Molly R

    When parents are well supported, babies are too, and our society can become more empathetic, loving, and connected. So many societal ills stem from unmet needs during our first years. My vision is to positively impact the future, one newborn family at a time. I have been supporting families in their homes since 2009 and teaching classes to expectant and new parents since 2016. I hold a BA in Latin American Studies (2001); an MAA in Applied Anthropology (2005); and became certified as a Postpartum Doula through DONA International (2009). I live…and cook, wander, and dream… in the mountains of North Carolina with my husband and 2 children.